Fantasy Football Pricing And Cost Of Entry Fee

How exactly do sites calculate the cost of players in an auction draft in fantasy football? The answer is really quite simple. Let's dive in!

Value for Your Dollar

In auction drafts, players are assigned dollar values to be bid on during the draft. You'll notice that the 'best' players in the league usually cost the most money. Websites will calculate the cost of players based on their value. Here's a list of some value-related statistics they may use to calculate the cost:

  • Point/$: The amount of points a player earns per dollar spent.
  • $/Point: The number of dollars spent per point earned.
  • Player Prop Bet: The proposed (by Vegas) performance a player may have during any given week.
  • Average Draft Position (ADP): The average draft pick a player is taken in the draft.

The more valuable a player, the more the league will charge you to get them on your team.

Differing Costs

Each Fantasy Football website uses different algorithms to calculate the values of each of the players, and they all keep them hidden from the public. Costs can also differ from website to website because they have different budgets for participants to pay salaries with. The cost of an elite player would be higher on a site with a larger budget, and vice versa.

Fluctuating Values

The value of each player can change throughout the season, depending on how they are playing. Since values during the initial draft can be based on the last season's play, a player's value during the season will increase if they are performing better than expected and decrease if their play is worse than expected. Using this information as the season goes on will help you to take advantage of low costs when they appear and get ahead of the competition.

Cost of Entry Fee

Most leagues require a fee to be paid in order for you to participate. These fees can be as little as $15 or higher than $700, depending on the amount of money you can win. The cost of participation in the league is the required cost of entry charged at the beginning of the league, which may contribute to the total prize won by the winner at the end of the season.