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What is ppr in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use ppr when playing FF.

What is PPR in Fantasy Football?

PPR in fantasy football stands for points per reception. It is the most popular variation of standard fantasy scoring.

How Does PPR work?

Points per reception is pretty self explanatory on its own. For every catch, the receiver gets one point. A receiver in any play does not have to be a wide receiver or tight end, as running backs, fullbacks, and sometimes even quarterbacks and offensive linemen can be receivers in a play, although any offensive lineman catch will never count for fantasy as those players are not able to be drafted.

PPR Strategy

PPR completely alters the way fantasy football strategy works, which is why this method of scoring is so popular. Obviously, much more emphasis is put on the passing game. Wide receivers and tight ends become much more valuable. Usually running backs are taken early in drafts, but in PPR leagues, wide receivers can sometimes dominate the early rounds. Tight ends also get a boost in PPR.

Running backs might seem to be devalued in PPR, but that is not true. Running backs who can also catch are highly valuable. Change of pace backs, also known as satellite backs who are known for their catching ability, become much more of a factor in fantasy.

Quarterbacks can also become valuable as well. Even though they are not awarded points in traditional PPR formats for every catch, having a quarterback with a high passing accuracy and one or two receivers from that same team can make a terrifying PPR lineup. However, there are some leagues that award completed passes for quarterbacks, giving them a more direct value in PPR formats.

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