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Fantasy Football Position Number

What is position number in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use position number when playing FF.

What is a Position Number in Fantasy Football?

When drafting players for your team, each player will be assigned a value as they are chosen, with first picks generally being the #1 in their respective positions. The lower the position number, the more valuable and likely to be a starter. These numbers are called position numbers, and are expressed like: QB1, RB1, RB2, or WR4.

Position Numbers

During each draft, only a certain number of players are chosen for each position, though the specific numbers are usually specific to the league you are participating in. Some leagues may only allow for 3 quarterbacks on each roster. In this case, the QB1 would be your starter and the QB2 and QB3 would be on the bench, ready to play if the #1 is injured or during a bye week. For running backs, a team could have as many as 5, with the RB1 and RB2 starting each week, with RB3, RB4, and RB5 waiting on the bench.

These position numbers are not permanent, since injuries can happen and players may not perform as well as expected and may need to be traded or dropped.

Since most participants draft only one kicker and one defense, these positions do not typically have numbers assigned to them.

Typical Starting Lineup

Though it does vary, the typical Fantasy starting lineup for a standard scoring system consists of the following:

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