Fantasy Football Points Per Game

What is points per game in fantasy football?

Points per game in fantasy football is a metric used to measure how many fantasy points a player has earned in each game they've played, on average. Points per game can be abbreviated as ppg or PPG. On some fantasy sites, it will also show up as AVG, meaning average amount of points scored per game.

Calculating Points Per Game

A player's points per game can be calculated with the following equation:

(Total number of points) / (Total number of games played)

Interpreting Points Per Game

What qualifies as a good or bad amount of points per game varies based off of league settings. In higher scoring leagues, a player must needs to have more points per game in order to be considered a good player.

The best way to understand points per game relative to your league is comparing your players to free agents. If there are free agent running backs with more PPG than one of your starting running backs, you should consider acquiring a new running back. The amount of PPG the top free agents have can serve as an average amount of PPG for that position.