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Fantasy Football Player Ranking

What is player ranking in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use player ranking when playing FF.

What is Player Ranking in Fantasy Football?

Player rankings are ways for fantasy websites and experts to designate where they think players should be drafted based on how they think they will perform. These rankings differ by person and website, but are generally similar, predicting the same players to do well in slightly different orders.

Player rankings are created by looking at a player's career history and schedule for the current season. Based on several factors such as their experience, the amount of opportunities they are going to get this year, and their injury history, analysts will create exhaustive lists.

Since these rankings are used to draft, kickers and defenses are generally ranked low because they will not be drafted until the end of the event despite consistent performances.

Rankings are also updates throughout the season based on how well a player is doing. Breakout candidates will go upward as injured players fall down the list. These lists are mostly based on points accumulated throughout the season thus far.

Rankings are different for each type of league, with dynasty rankings favoring younger players and PPR rankings electing to put high volume receivers closer to the top of their list.


Many websites allow you to create your own player rankings. Fantasy players do this if they have a preference for certain athletes or if they think one statistic correlates better to success. In general, the expert rankings are a good backbone to draft from. Since rankings are not guaranteed to be accurate, you can project your sleepers higher up on your own draft board while putting the high-risk busts further down or not on your personal rankings at all.

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