Fantasy Football Payouts And Bonuses

Does your fantasy football league have a buy-in? If so, there's a good chance you could be looking at a payday by the time the season is over! At the season's conclusion, payouts occur and bonuses are given.


Most leagues determine payouts at the beginning of the season, based on how many participants enter and the cost of the buy-in fee. Payouts are typically organized by how teams fare during the season, with higher-placing teams earning more money. For example, a team who placed first will receive 20 percent of the total buy-in, whereas last place may only receive five percent of the total buy-in. Place better to receive a higher payout.

Some leagues simply redistribute each team's buy-in back to them. In this case, the original buy-in was simply an incentive to continue playing in a league and refrain from dropping out.

Some leagues, primarily contests, only distribute a payout to a certain number of teams, like the top five. These teams will split the total buy-in, raking in a large sum. Be careful when entering contests or leagues with large buy-ins and a little chance of a payout, especially when there are already a lot of contestants.


Outside of payouts, some leagues employ a bonus payout system. These payouts are separate from the primary season payout at the conclusion of the season, and these can occur at any point in the season. They may be given for minor contests hosted throughout the season within the league, for exceptional play, or for the worst play. Some leagues may give bonuses to the team with the highest point total in a week or to the team with the worst record at the end of the season. Check your league each week for potential bonus opportunities.