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What is out in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use out when playing FF.

What does out mean in FF?

In fantasy football, there are different injury labels that get designated to players. They describe a player's status for an upcoming game and are determined by the team trainers.

One of these statuses, "OUT," is represented by an "O" next to a player's name. This means the player will not be playing in the upcoming game, so you will need to move the player from your starting lineup to your bench. Clicking on the player's name should reveal more information about their injury.

Replacing the injured player can be difficult, especially if your roster is lacking depth. If the injured player will be out for an extended period of time, consider dropping him to waivers and claiming a new player off the waiver wire.

Just because a player is listed as out does not necessarily mean he is out for the season; that being said, players who are 'Questionable" to play are much more likely to play the following week, even if they do not play during the game in question.

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