Fantasy Football Online Draft

An online draft in fantasy football is held online rather than in-person. The majority of fantasy football leagues are run online. Many different sites allow for leagues to run their fantasy football drafts and give a platform to do so.

Drafting online allows for friends to get together in a league even if they live nowhere near each other. The website keeps track of picks that have been made as well as provide a chat room for owners to talk to one another.

How to Prepare for an Online Draft

If you're about to take part in an online draft, it is important to first get prepared. Online drafts usually provide a list ranking players and allow the user to filter the players by position, team, bye week, and last season's stats.

Types of Online Drafts

An online draft is an inclusive term that covers all the different types of fantasy football leagues. The online sites that host the drafts allow for custom rules to be edited by league commissioners.


There are three main formats of online drafts: snake draft, auction draft, and linear draft.

Snake draft: A snake draft (also referred to as a wrap around draft) flips the order of drafting each round. The owner with the first pick in round one has the last pick in round two.

Auction draft: Auction drafts involve giving salaries or spending amounts to owners to build their team. Each player can be bid on and an owner's team dollar values cannot exceed the established salary cap.

Linear draft: Linear drafts keep the same order throughout each round of the draft.


Scoring also can differ in an online draft between the standard scoring system and PPR.

Standard: Standard scoring is different for each site used, but every website that hosts online fantasy football leagues has a standard scoring. That standard scoring has set points for touchdowns, yards gained, kicking stats, and defensive units.

PPR: PPR stands for point per reception; it functions the same as standard scoring other than there is an additional point added for each reception.