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Fantasy Football Mock Draft

What is mock draft in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use mock draft when playing FF.


The fantasy football mock draft is one of the most essential parts of draft preparation. It allows you to participate in a draft against computers and other people online to test out your draft strategies and to see which players are typically getting drafted in each round.

Mock Draft

The 'mock draft' is a practice fantasy football draft in which team owners can play out possible picks in preparation for the real draft. Most fantasy football websites like Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, and NFL provide a mock draft for team owners, but not every fantasy owner takes advantage of it.

When people join a mock draft they are not as serious about it as there are no year long consequences for poor decisions, therefore many teams might autopick, letting the computer pick a player. The computer tends to pick the next best available player according to their rankings, where as real people have personal preference and bias and rarely follow the rankings exactly.

There are mock drafts available for all types of leagues with a wide range of number of owners.

Using the Mock Draft to Your Advantage

One major reason mock drafts are useful is to see which pick will most likely yield the team that you would consider the best. By doing multiple mock drafts at different positions, you can see where the players you favor can be obtained early or left to steal in a later round.

The more drafts you participate in the more ready you will be for your actual league. One problem that can occur with mock drafts is that the computer does not have the human element of knowledge, meaning they may draft a player that is battling an injury or has recently gotten in legal trouble that the website has not cataloged yet.

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