Fantasy Football Live Draft

What is a Live Draft in Fantasy Football?

A live draft in fantasy football is when a league drafts players without the use of an online draft tool. Instead of league members drafting online, they meet together for the draft event and draft manually using a board and player name labels.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Live Draft

When doing a live draft, you have to come more prepared than if you were doing an online draft. This is because with an online draft, they tell you who was picked, who is still available, provide rankings, and provide statistics. With a live draft, you need to keep track of who was picked, who is still available, and who you think is appropriate to pick round by round. And if there is a time limit for how long you get to pick for, you need to pay attention to avoid screwing up or drafting poorly. But if other players aren't as prepared as you, odds are they're going to draft worse than you.

What do You Need for a Live Draft?

Because the draft is not online, you need a way to keep track of who has been picked and who hasn't. You do this by purchasing a draft board. A draft board helps you see who you have picked and who other members have picked. All materials you need for a live draft include:

  • Draft Board
  • Player Labels
  • League Member Labels
  • Timer

Once the draft is complete, the league manager will typically enter all of the players team by team into the website the league is run through.