Fantasy Football League Types

League Types

To play fantasy football, you must first join or create a league. There are a variety of different types of leagues to join in fantasy football, which we will discuss below.

Fantasy football also accommodates for daily fantasy games, and daily fantasy has some specific game and league types as well:


A 'league' in fantasy football is the collection of teams and owners who compete against each other throughout the course of the season. Most leagues have no monetary prize attached to them and the prize is usually bragging rights among the competitors. Daily fantasy games also have leagues but usually have an entry-fee and a monetary prize for the victors.

PPR and Standard Scoring League

Fantasy football leagues are scored in a few different ways. The 2 main ways are PPR and Standard. In a standard scoring format, touchdowns are 6 points (4 for quarterback touchdowns), 1 point for every 10 rushing/receiving yards, and 1 point per 25 passing yards. PPR is similar to Standard, but players get 1 point for each reception. This adds value to players who catch short passes like pass catching running backs. It also creates higher scoring games, which make this type of league very popular.

Football Catch

Draft League

A 'draft league' is a league in which teams are not carried over from year to year and must be re-drafted at the start of every season. This league type is often the most popular as it gives team owners a fresh start each season.

Draft Only League

A 'draft only league' is a league in which there is no in-season roster management, including free agency and trading. Adding or removing players from a team is prohibited and the players drafted are the only players a team owner will have for the rest of the season.

Best Ball League

A 'best ball league' is a league in which there are no head to head matchups (where two opponents simply try to outscore each other in fantasy points). The victor is determined by whoever achieves the most fantasy points throughout the course of the season. These leagues are most commonly 'draft only leagues.'

Custom Scoring League

A 'custom scoring league' is a league in which the team owners or commissioner assigns their own value to the fantasy points scoring system rather than using the common scoring system. A touchdown is worth six points in the common scoring system, but that value can be reassigned in a custom scoring league to any value, such as 10 or 20. This can change what kind of player is valued, and can change how you build your team.

Deep League

A 'deep league' is a league that has more than 12 members and/or uses larger team sizes than the standard team size. For example, instead of having one quarterback and two running backs, a deep league may have two quarterbacks and three running backs.

Dynasty League

A 'dynasty league' is a league where a team's roster is carried over from year to year rather than redrafting a team. This can change the outlook on players, because you want players with the potential to stick around for a long time. This means younger and more athletic players become highly valued.

Keeper League

Similar to a 'dynasty league,' a 'keeper league' is a league in which only a limited number of players can be carried over from year to year. This could be one quarterback, one receiver, one running back, and one flex. However, the amount of players an owner is allowed to keep changes in every keeper league.

Private League

A 'private league' is a league that requires an invitation to join. This type of league is most commonly used for invite-only tournaments or friend groups.

Public League

A 'public league' is a league that anyone can join, so long as it is not at maximum capacity. This means that you can play with anyone around the world, even if you do not know the other people in your league. This can be a good way to practice your fantasy skills in a low pressure situation.

Re-Draft League

A 'redraft league' is a league in which no players are carried over year to year and the entire roster must be re-drafted at the beginning of the season. This is similar to a draft league.

DFS (Daily Fantasy League)

There are more league types, but the ones listed above are most commonly associated with fantasy football. Below are league types that are most commonly associated with daily fantasy games. 'Daily fantasy' are fantasy football contests in which team owners compete daily or over a short amount of time rather than an entire season. Daily fantasy contests usually have a prize pool for the victors, usually monetary.

IMPORTANT: Daily fantasy games are considered fantasy football, but are usually played for prizes for a short amount of time, usually a weekend rather than an entire season

Cash Game

A 'cash game' is a fantasy football or daily fantasy matchup in which there are good odds to win. This could be either a 'head to head tournament' or a '50/50'. In a head to head tournament, a player faces off against another player, and whoever wins that week, doubles their money. A 50/50 means that you are up against all players within a website, and if you finish in the top 50% of all players, you double your money. This is also known as a double up.


A 'freeroll' is a league in which there is no entry-fee, but there is a prize pool. Freerolls are common in sponsored daily fantasy contests, and are designed to get new players interested in a host website. This usually comes in the form of free credit which you can use to bet and make more money.

GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool)

A 'guaranteed prize pool' (or GPP) is a contest in which there are guaranteed prizes for every entrant. The prize is often of less value for lower placing competitors. These contests are common in sponsored daily fantasy contests, and like freerolls, designed to get new players interested in a website.

High Stakes

A 'high stakes' contest is a contest in which there is a high entry fee and the probability of returning a profit is very low. These contests usually have very many competitors competing for the same prize pool.


A 'qualifier' is a contest in which the winners gain access to another contest, usually for a larger prize pool. Qualifiers are most often used for large-scale daily fantasy tournaments, and a player's chances of winning are very slim.


A 'single-entry' contest is a contest in which only one entry per owner is allowed. These contests are most common in large-scale daily fantasy tournaments.

Survivor Tournament

A 'survivor tournament' is a daily fantasy tournament in which a certain amount of points must be scored to advance to the next stage of the tournament. These usually have very large cash prizes as your chance to win is quite slim.


A 'triple-up' contest is exactly like a double up or 50/50, except winners win triple the entry fee of the contest and have to beat more than 2/3 of the players on the website.

Now that you know the kinds of fantasy football leagues and daily fantasy contests, how exactly do you join one? It's really simple!