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Fantasy Football League Commissioner

What is league commissioner in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use league commissioner when playing FF.


The league commissioner is the most important member of a fantasy football league. They are in control of the league rules and who is allowed to be in the league. They decide when the draft starts and when the season starts and finishes. The league commissioner has a lot of responsibilities.

Commissioner Powers

Here's a short list of some of the responsibilities of a league commissioner:

  • Deciding the rules for the league
  • Deciding the league type
  • Choosing the start time for the league draft and season
  • Ability to veto trades
  • Responsible for league fees and prizes
  • Deciding who can join the league and the ability to kick players out of the league

It's best to think of the commissioner like the owner of a company, but on a much smaller scale.

League Settings

The most basic way to make the league more entertaining is to change your league settings. Adjusting the rules is a fun way to make fantasy football more interesting than it can be at times. During some weeks, you could have passing touchdowns be worth more than rushing touchdowns, or interceptions be worth double points. Of course, be sure to notify the owners of these changes each week.

Most leagues are more strict and will not change the rules every week, since people have year long strategies.

Draft Settings

Most leagues have either the commissioner or former league champion choose how to determine the draft order. Whether it be by a competition or randomly choosing out of a hat, draft order is an important facet of the league that a league manager must be ready for.

Commissioners are also usually put in charge of draft parties. While not paramount to the result of the actual league, the spirit of fantasy sports is at its highest when at a well-planned party to kick off the season.

Be Active

The best way to keep the other owners entertained and happy is simply to be active and communicate with them frequently. No one likes a ghost commissioner who is never there. Make sure to actively view player's transactions and trades so that nothing unfair occurs under your watch.

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