Fantasy Football League Buy In Amounts Fees And Rakes

Some fantasy football leagues and most contests require a buy-in to join. What exactly is a buy-in? It's not that complicated, so lets learn about that really quickly. In this tutorial, you'll learn about a buy-in and other monetary terms related to fantasy football.


A buy-in, also known as an entry fee is the upfront cost to enter a league or contest. The cost of the buy-in is usually determined by the commissioner. All of the buy-ins are pooled together and at the end of the season. Depending on the league, the champion could get all the money, or it could be distributed between the winner, runner-up, and third place player, or whatever the commissioner decides.

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is the amount of money a team owner receives back for investing money into a fantasy league or contest. This can be used to keep players playing on a certain website.


Rake is the amount of money a website takes from the entry fee. For example, if the buy-in for a contest was five dollars, the website hosting the contest may take two dollars for hosting the contest. This may be less or more depending on the stakes of the game. Not every league or contest has a buy-in or entry fee. Contests and leagues with buy-ins usually have a monetary prize for the victors.

Rakeback Program

A rakeback program is a system in which a portion of a rake is returned to the player. Most DFS websites do not include a rakeback program, however they do offer many different promotions in which a player can play for free or much less money if it's their first time using a specific website. Using these promotions, usually in the form of Promo Codes, can save you a lot of money!

Pro Leagues

Yahoo! Sports is one of the most prominent sites for fantasy football. There are free and for-money leagues available to join, with leagues that require an entry fee being labeled pro leagues. Pro leagues have a number of different buy-in amounts ranging from a minimum of 25 dollars all the way to the maximum of 5,000 dollars. The more you pay to enter the league, the higher your winnings if you finish top three in the standings at season's end.