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What is lb in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use lb when playing FF.

What is an LB in Fantasy Football?

A linebacker is a defensive player who plays coverage and is tasked with stopping the run game. There are either three or four linebackers on the field at once, depending on the scheme the defense is running. Outside linebackers are known for their pass rush and middle linebackers are strong tacklers.

How do you Draft the Best Linebacker in Fantasy Football?

Linebackers are the most valuable defensive fantasy player. Most IDP (individual defensive player) leagues have a scoring system in which tackles are extremely valuable. Based on their positioning on the field and their skill sets, linebackers are the ones that rack up the most tackles. A good linebacker will get over ten tackles a game setting up a strong fantasy floor.

When drafting a linebacker, it is better to go with a middle linebacker than an outside linebacker. Outside linebackers are risk/reward picks as they could have a big game with sacks or a game with nothing. Middle linebackers can get up to 160 tackles in a single season which even in a conservative (1 point per tackle league) is worth on its own the more points than star wide receiver AJ Green. That is not even counting the sacks, interceptions, and fumbles they could get as well!

Drafting guys that stay healthy is also extremely important. Look at players who have consistently played all 16 games in a season. Bobby Wagner and Luke Kuechly are strong picks and should be viewed as clear top picks in a draft.

Linebacker Fantasy Football Scoring

Linebackers receive points the same way all defensive players do in fantasy football. There are assigned point values to specific actions that can be done while on the field. Below is a chart that shows examples of some of those point values. It must be noted however that all leagues may have different point values and that this is just one example.


Point value



Assisted tackle




Fumble forced


Fumble recovered




Pass defended




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