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Fantasy Football Kickers

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In fantasy football, every position has a purpose, even the kicker. Let's discuss why the kicker is a vital position in fantasy football.


Drafting the Kicker

Some consider the kicker an unimportant position in fantasy football due to it being often the last position selected in the draft. However, on a small team composed of less than 20 players, every position matters. Stealing an elite kicker a little earlier than expected is unconventional and some players may look down on you for doing so, but the goal of the game is to score points and an elite kicker may give you that extra edge in week to week competition. Some players may even draft two kickers to swap in and out depending on the week.


The Kicker and Scoring

Aforementioned, the kicker is usually the last position selected in the draft, but the points a kicker can produce may swing the points in your favor in your week to week battles.

In the basic scoring system, a kicker scores three points for a field goal, unless it's between 40 and forty-nine (49) yards, in which they'll receive four points. Even more uncommon, kicks made over 50 yards will net you five points! In addition to that, the kicker will also receive another point for every extra point made.


Turning the Tide

Take this into consideration, if your quarterback (considered the most important position in fantasy football) has a bad week and you're trailing your opponent by a couple of points, your kicker can change the outcome of the game with a single kick! An interesting strategy with the kicker is to pair them up with an elite offensive player who plays on the same team. For example, if you had Tom Brady on your team, pair him with the Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski. Every time the Patriots score a touchdown (often from the arm of Tom Brady), Gostkowski can add a point to the total! Another strategy may be to pick up a kicker on a team with a poor offense. The offense may often stall out and have to settle for a field goal. That's three or more points for your kicker! Every position in fantasy football has a role. Don't undervalue the kicker!


Keeping one Kicker vs. Rotating

The two main philosophies regarding kickers are staying with 1-2 for the whole season or switching almost every week. Many players choose to constantly rotate through kickers as the position is very volatile when it comes to racking up points. Only a few kickers are elite enough to justify keeping them on your roster for one full season. However, if you notice in your league that kickers are constantly being switched in and out by other teams, sticking with a kicker you trust might just be the best option, especially if you picked that kicker earlier than the last round of the draft. fantasy football kicker