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Fantasy Football How To Setup Your Lineup

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Week by week, you'll need to set up your starting lineup to defeat your opponent. Some players will be on a bye week (will not be playing) while others will be playing against weak teams. Creating the strongest lineup possible each week is imperative to securing a spot in the fantasy football playoffs at the end of the season.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to set up your lineup efficiently.


A 'lineup' is a list of the players that will be used during a particular week. Often referred to as the 'starting lineup'. The players on your team who are not in your lineup find a spot on your bench, or are on the injured reserve.


The 'ceiling' is the best possible performance you can expect from a player. Think of this as a best case scenario if the player performs very well.


The 'floor' is the worst possible performance you can expect from a player. This will occur if the player plays, but is ineffective in their game. The range from floor to ceiling is a more helpful metric than the floor or ceiling on their own.


The 'median' is the point total which a player is the most likely to gain. It is not necessarily equidistant between the ceiling and floor.


The 'bench' is the list of players that will not be used during a particular week. 'Bench players' are players who are on the bench.

Bench Player

A 'bench player' is a player who stays on the bench and does not play during a given week. Points accumulated by these players do not count to your team's score for the week. If you have good bench players, it might be a good idea to trade them along with one of your starters for an even better starter.


'CV' is a statistic used to measure the consistency of a player. Consistent players are more reliable. Inconsistent players with high point totals can be used when you need a big comeback, as they have a very high ceiling. They also have a low floor, so be wary.


'Depth' refers to the quality of the bench players on a team, as well as the quality throughout the entire roster. It is the opposite of start power, or the quality of your top players.


'Reserve' is another term for bench players.


The 'roster' is the list of all players on a team, including the ones in your lineup, on the bench, and on the injured reserve.

Roster Limit

The 'roster limit' is the maximum amount of players allowed on a team. This typically varies league to league. You can find out the roster limit by viewing the league settings.


The 'starters' are the players on a team whom an owners will receive points for during a given week. This is because these players are in the starting lineup.

Depth Chart

The 'depth chart' is the list of players at their particular positions on a roster and whether they are a starter or backup on the team.

Game-Time Decision (GTD)

A 'game-time decision' is a player who may or may not play during a game and the decision if he will play will be made moments before game-time. He may also be listed as 'probable'.


A player who is 'out' will not play in a game. They should be sat on your bench. If they aren't a very good player, you can drop them.


'Start-sit' refers to deciding which players will sit and which players will start in a given week. It is also referred to as 'Start or Sit'.

Late Swap

A 'late swap' refers to swapping out a player who has started their game for a player who has not started their game. This is not allowed in most leagues.

Probable (Pro)

A player who is 'probable' may or may not play in a game, but they are likely to play. You should check in before the game to see if they're playing.

Once Your Lineup is Set

Once your lineup is complete and you have each player where you want them, check the total of projected points for the week you're expected to get. Most websites will do this for you but if they do not, simply add up all of the projected points for your starters. Now compare that number to your opponent. Do they have more projected points, or you? Of course, these are only projections and those numbers could fall short, or exceed expectations. That's the fun of fantasy football; anything can happen!

If there are free agents with more projected points than your starters, consider adding them so that you can raise your projected point total.


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