Fantasy Football How To Run And Manage A League

A league commissioner can only do so much concerning the league. That's why we're going to discuss some of the management items that are accessible for every member of a fantasy football league and how to manage yourself when playing. In this tutorial, we're going to discuss the minute details of league management and the responsibilities of the members.


'Action' is the amount of activity a league has going on within it. For example, how many transactions are occurring or how active the members of the league are.

'Action' may also refer to performing something within a league, like requesting a trade or adding a free agent, but we'll talk more about that later.


A 'bankroll' is the amount of capital an owner has to invest in fantasy sports (particularly in daily fantasy). Management of bankroll is very important when trying to make a profit in fantasy sports.


'Bylaws' are essentially the code of conduct of a fantasy football league. They can be very specific or not be existent. The extent of the bylaws is determined by the league commissioner and the members of the league.


Communicating with your fellow league members is massively important to having a healthy and cohesive league. If you are considering making any kind of change to the league rules, you should communicate with them what your ideas and thoughts are. This is also the best way to know how everyone feels about the way the league is going, and to see if everyone is truly happy with everything. Having a group chat, email chain, or some other form of communication is also a way to have fun with one another, whether it be friendly trash talking or just talking about some player performances.


Fairness goes in hand with communicating with your league members. Typically, leagues will require a specific number of members to vote one way or another for a vote to get passed. If there is no league-wide vote, a change may take place that members are unhappy with, which can in turn lead to turmoil in the league.

League Almanac

The 'league almanac' is the list of previous winners of the league championship. Not every league has a league almanac.

League History

The 'league history' is a list of performances by a particular team or owner throughout their stay in a league. This includes past games, season results, and transactions.

League Settings

'League settings' refer to the rules and modifiers of fantasy football league. For example, a setting may be that the league will play with 'points per reception' point system rather than the standard point system.

Managing a fantasy football league can be difficult, and it is a responsibility held by every member of the league. The commissioner must control the league rules and oversee transactions while the team owners must remain active in the league community and in games.