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Fantasy Football How To Play

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Many know of fantasy football, but have no first hand experience with the game. If this is you, know that fantasy football is a quick and easy game to learn!

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to start playing fantasy football.

How to Start Playing Fantasy Football

First, you will need to become somewhat acquainted with the NFL and how it works. Get to know some of the players, specifically the superstars and the up-and-coming young talent. You don't need to understand everything about these players, but becoming familiar with them may make it easier to project their performances. You must also become familiar with some football terminology, like 'touchdown' and 'interception'. To someone who knows little about football, those may just be words without meaning. Is an interception good or bad? Learning these terms is a good first step for learning football.

If you don't know anything about football, don't be discouraged. Feel free to check out our Football Tutorials. Most fantasy websites tell you everything you need to know about a player. The most important things to understand are points and positions.

Pick a Website

Picking a website is one of the first parts of fantasy football. Fantasy football is unique as it can be played online or with pen and paper, but we recommend playing online as it is much easier to keep up with. Websites like Yahoo! and ESPN host fantasy football leagues so you can start there. If the league is with people you know, they should be able to help you join the league. If you are looking into joining a league on your own, there are countless public leagues to join, usually under the "join league" section on a fantasy website.

We recommend checking out some websites that try to predict surprise stars in the upcoming season as it could be very helpful and is very user-friendly to fantasy football newcomers. Helpful websites like these include Fanduel, Fantasy Pros, and Bleacher Report.

Don't be afraid to ask people you know for advice on fantasy football. The best resource is often those around you.

Scoring in Fantasy Football

Fantasy football scoring is all about getting the most points. Each time a player in your lineup plays a game in real life, they get positive and negative points for what they do. Each week you face off against another team in your fantasy football league, and the team who scores more points throughout the week wins.

How do Different Positions Score?

Players get points for doing different things depending on what position they play. The most important positions in fantasy football are quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers.

Here are some examples of what quarterbacks get points for:

  • Throwing the ball into the endzone for a touchdown
  • Passing the ball successfully
  • Running with the ball
  • Interceptions (negative points)

Here are some examples of what running backs get points for:

  • Running the ball into the endzone for a touchdown
  • Catching the ball in the endzone for a touchdown
  • Running with the ball
  • Catching the ball
  • Fumbling the ball (negative points)

Here are some examples of what wide receivers get points for:

  • Catching the ball in the endzone for a touchdown
  • Catching the ball
  • Fumbling the ball (negative points)

Other positions that are usually included are tight ends, D/ST, and kickers, but feel free to focus on the big three positions to start.

Starting Lineup

Not everyone on your team counts towards your point total for the week. There are a certain number of players which you can put into your starting lineup. Players in your starting lineup contribute when they earn points, whereas players on your bench do not.

How Does the Season Work?

Each team faces off head to head with another team each week. The team that scores more points wins. Each time you win, lose, or tie, your record changes. When the regular season ends in your league, the top teams advance to the playoffs. Typically, four teams make the playoffs, and the regular season is the first 13 weeks of the NFL season.

The playoffs typically consist of two two week long rounds. The playoffs are usually head to head matchups including the semifinals and championship.


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