Fantasy Football How To Pick A Team Name

When creating your fantasy football team, the owner has the ability to change the team name to anything that they want. It's important to be creative when naming your team so you can be set apart from everyone else in the league. The most common way owners do this is by incorporating football related terms or player's names into their own title.

The team name usually tells the story of the team, so you can use your favorite player or possibly your result from last season to create a unique heading.

Using the Draft to your Advantage

After the draft, you should still be able to change your team name. Many owners will use the players on their fantasy roster to customize their name even more. The only problem with using players on your team is that if you trade or drop these athletes then you would have to change your name or just accept that it's no longer tailored to your squad.


Puns and play-on words are typically the most admired team names. If your roster features Patrick Mahomes at quarterback, then "Rolling with Mahomies" would be a fun way to set you apart. If you are a Minnesota Vikings fan, then "Hooked on a Thielen" could be the song/wide receiver reference that suits you best. There are endless possibilities if you are willing to be creative, especially with new names coming into the league each year.