Fantasy Football How To Draft Players

Drafting is one of the most important parts of any fantasy football season. Read on to find out more about how to dominate your next fantasy football draft.


Before drafting, be sure to check out the mock draft to get a feel for the draft atmosphere and the drafting overlay. It's important to know where to look at the right times to get the most out of your picks as you'll often be on limited time. Also, note what kind of draft your league is running. There are two main types of drafts in fantasy football: auction drafts and serpentine/snake drafts.

Auction Draft

In an auction-style draft, team owners bid on players to add to their team. The values related to each player will be different based on each league's number of members, allotment for an auction, strategy trends, and preconceived notions about players. Players can be "nominated" or effectively put on the auction block one at a time.

Although auction draft formats are less-common than snake drafts, they are certainly growing in popularity.

Snake Draft

In a snake draft, each team owner selects a player one at a time in a predetermined order (often referred to as the "draft order"). This draft order is reversed every round. Snake drafts are the original fantasy draft format and are still more common than auction drafting.

Making a Selection

Most websites will allow you to create a queue. A queue allows you to mark players that you are interested in and will keep them listed on a tab near the side of the screen. If you fail to make a pick before the timer runs up, the autopick selects the player in the top of your queue, so be careful and watch your time.

Once it's your pick and you've decided on a player, click on them. Examine their stats one last time, along with their season predictions. Once you're one-hundred percent sure, click on the 'draft player' button. Be sure to locate this button before the draft begins. It's usually in a corner at either the top or bottom of your screen but some websites hide it in the center next to an image of the player you've selected.