Fantasy Football How To Create A League

League Creation/Joining

Playing fantasy football is fun, but first you need to create or join one to play. Luckily, it's much easier to get involved in fantasy football than it is in other games.

What We'll Be Learning

First, we'll learn about the creation of a fantasy football league. Next, we'll learn about joining a league and how to choose one. Then, we'll talk about the commissioner and how to manage your league. Finally, we'll end with a discussion about commitments to your league and league buy-ins.

Where to Play

Firstly, you can create your own fantasy football league without the need of the internet! Simply gather up some friends and decide on which type of league your league should be. Afterward, start the drafting process and begin the season! Fantasy football can be played with pencil and paper without needing anything else! This type of league is a bit difficult, as you have to keep score on your own. It also involves deciding on a scoring system.

If you want something a bit more convenient, you can always create or join a league on the internet. Leagues on the internet keep track of scoring for you. Numerous websites host fantasy football leagues such as Yahoo!, ESPN, and even the NFL itself!

Daily fantasy games can also be found on these websites, but daily fantasy has become more popular recently with the creation of websites such as Draft Kings. Be sure that the use of these websites is legal in your state!

Most websites have an easy to find "Create League" section on their website. They should walk you through the steps to setting up your league.

Steps to Take

There are many parts to creating a league. You have to decide on the scoring settings, roster settings, draft settings, and league members.

Scoring Settings

Setting up the scoring settings means deciding what kinds of actions will generate points for the players. After you decide what qualifies as a scoring play, you must allocate a certain number of points to each play. The websites will likely have recommendations for how many points for each play. Difficult actions such as scoring a touchdown should be worth more points, whereas a small completion should be a small amount of points.

Roster Settings

The roster settings are the rules and restrictions about the roster and lineup. This includes how many players are allowed to be on each team, and how many starting lineup spots there are. Additionally, you can choose how many of each position is allowed in the starting lineup. Typically, there will be the following amounts of lineup spots per position:

Draft Settings

The draft settings are fairly easy to set. As a league owner, you must decide on the following:

  • Draft date
  • Draft type
  • Time allowed per pick

League Members

The last part of creating a league is choosing the league members. After choosing how many players will be in the league, you can send out invites to your league via email. People can also join your league by looking up the league on the website. Depending on the site, they may also have to enter a password to join the league.