Fantasy Football Handcuff

What is a Handcuff in Fantasy Football?

A handcuff in fantasy football is a player's primary backup. Handcuffs are most relevant at the running bank position, as running backs are generally more prone to injury or being benched due to poor performance than other positions.

Importance of Drafting Handcuffs

It is vitally important for fantasy football managers to target handcuffs in the late rounds of a draft. Handcuff players can be the difference between winning and losing a fantasy league, as primary players are constantly susceptible to injury or being replaced throughout the course of a long season. Many handcuffs go on to thrive and score lots of fantasy points once being named the starter for their team.

How to Spot a Handcuff

The following list of strategies can be used to identify handcuff players to target:

  • The current starter at that position is extremely injury prone
  • The current starter performed poorly the previous year and will be replaced early on if his struggles continue
  • The current backup is a young player that showed lots of potential in the pre-season
  • The player in question plays for a head coach that has knack for switching things up and trying new strategies during the season

Must-Have Handcuffs for 2019

Per fantasy experts, the following players are 'must-have' handcuffs that could potentially contribute to a team in a big way:

  • D'Onta Foreman, Running Back, Houston Texans
  • Austin Ekeler, Running Back, Los Angeles Chargers
  • Ito Smith, Running Back, Atlanta Falcons
  • C.J. Anderson, Running Back, Detroit Lions
  • Jamaal Williams, Running Back, Green Bay Packers
  • Carlos Hyde, Kansas City Chiefs