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Fantasy Football Half And Full Ppr

What is half and full ppr in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use half and full ppr when playing FF.

What is Half and Full PPR in Fantasy Football?

PPR or points per reception fantasy leagues differ slightly from standard scoring, allocating an extra point for every reception made by position player. For example, if a running back had three catches for 40 yards, he would get three points in addition to the four from the yardage total.

Half PPR is the same concept, but only award half a point for each reception. Experts tend to prefer half over full, because it assigns worth to consistently being involved in the game without overcompensating with a full point.


PPR leagues value receivers and tight ends more highly because of the scoring system since they are the players most likely to haul in a large number of receptions. Running backs who are infrequently ball carriers but rather are available for checkdowns or specifically play on third down like Darren Sproles are worth more in this type of league.

The main reason for this adaptation to fantasy football that is becoming increasingly popular is owners wanted to put more weight on consistency rather than fluke plays. In standard scoring, a wide receiver could have gotten open for one, 50 yard pass but that could have been his only contribution on the day. PPR values the receiver who had six catches for 50 total yards more because he touched the ball and was involved in the game more often.

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