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Fantasy Football General Manager

What is general manager in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use general manager when playing FF.

What is a General Manager in Fantasy Football?

The person who runs a fantasy football team is called the general manager. The general manager may also be referred to as a coach or an owner. The responsibilities of the general manager are much like those of a general manager or a coach in the NFL.

Compared to an NFL General Manager

Much like a general manager in the NFL, fantasy football general managers are responsible for constructing the team and making the adjustments that are necessary. The most important part of this is the draft. During the draft, general managers have to pick the players they think are going to be right for their team. Will you go for a strong running team? Will you invest all your hope in young players that could blossom, or trust veterans who have a bit more consistency? The decisions you make at the draft sets the tone for the whole season.

General Managers also have to make smart moves concerning free agency. The pickups they make each week are important to correcting any flaws on the roster. In free agency, general managers should keep an eye out for upside players and comeback players.

The other big responsibility of general managers is trading. A good trade can propel your team to the top of the standings, but a bad trade can ruin your team's season. As a general manager, you should carefully look at all the statistics before accepting a trade. If you are the one conducting a trade, make sure it makes your team better. The best time to make a trade is when your team is headed in the wrong direction. If you're too hesitant to mix things up with a trade when your team is struggling, it could be too late to climb back up the standings.

Compared to an NFL Coach

The biggest similarity between an NFL coach and a fantasy football GM is the decision making about lineups. Each week, the fantasy football general manager is responsible for making start or sit decisions. If you start the wrong player, you could lose the matchup! It's important to think hard and look at the matchups and statistics when choosing who to start in your lineup.

Outside Resources

If you're a general manager and you need some advice, there are many resources which can help you make smart lineup decisions. Websites like Cheat Sheet War Room, Fantasypros, and Fantasy SP help with deciding who to start in your lineup and who to draft. When in doubt, don't be afraid to do a little extra research!

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