Fantasy Football Formulas

What are Formulas in Fantasy Football?

Formulas are mathematical equations that help find a value. In fantasy football, that value is often how well a player is performing or how well they will perform. Various formulas exist in fantasy football to help owners calculate the best players in the league as well as if one player is better than another.

Fantasy Football Value Equation

This formula puts a number value on each player and their fantasy value. It is an extremely hard equation to perfect, and there is no formula that can 100 percent say who will be the best. Various versions of this formula exist with different factors included that affect the overall outcome. A simplistic way to explain the formula is a belief that skill and opportunity equal success.

Points per Game

Points per game is a basic formula that counts on average how many fantasy points a player scores every week. In order to calculate points per game (ppg), one just has to divide total points scored by the number of games played. A player who has scored 200 fantasy points in 15 games has a fantasy ppg of 13.33 (200 / 15 = 13.33).

Standard Deviation

Standard deviation is a way of measuring the consistency of a player. So with points per game we see half the picture, with how well a player did throughout the entirety of the year. However, what we do not see is how consistent they were on a week to week basis. In fantasy footbll, it's better to have a player who puts up a decent amount of points every week than someone who alternates between good and bad performances.

Standard deviation for points per game is calculated by taking the total average per week totals, then subtracting that number from each week's total and squaring the number afterward. Next, you average those numbers and then take the square root of that for a standard deviation.

Using Formulas to Become Better at Fantasy Football

In a time period where more and more sports teams are embracing the analytics of the game, it doesn't seem like a bad time to join in. Formulas help you look at your fantasy league with an unbiased eye, and make your decisions based off of numerical facts. By getting rid of potentially biased viewpoints, you're free to make the best moves possible for your fantasy squad!