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What is floor in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use floor when playing FF.

What is a Floor in Fantasy Football?

A floor, which is the opposite of a ceiling in fantasy football, is the worst that a player can be expected to perform. Floor can apply both to particular statistics for a player or his overall performance over the course of a season. A good example of a player's floor for is a game that Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones had in December of 2018 against the Baltimore Ravens. Jones, a typically top level performer, had just two catches for 18 yards. It can be expected that during the course of a season, Jones would never have a worse performance than 18 yards receiving in one game.

The key to evaluating a player's floor, and subsequent ceiling, is to see where their performance stands between their floor and ceiling. If the player's performances in recent games sits close to their floor, you can expect them to play better in the coming weeks, because that is what they are capable of. However, if it goes on too long where the player's statistics sit too close to his floor, it may be a sign that he is not performing up to his expectations. Another thing to note is that player floors come in different shapes and sizes. The higher the floor a player has, the better. A player with a higher floor is more valuable to a team because it means their worst performances are still better than most players.

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