Fantasy Football Flex Position

Fantasy Football Flex Position

Flex Position

The flex position is a position in a fantasy football lineup that accepts any position, including quarterback, wide receiver, etc. The flex position is simply an extra space in the lineup for anything that you want. Did you manage to draft two knockout quarterbacks but only one can start? Put the other in the flex position and both quarterbacks will earn points for you!

Hot Spot Position

Some team owners use the flex position as hot spots where they put players who are currently on an unexpected hot streak, while still relying on the rest of their team to score the majority of the fantasy points each week. In Week One of the 2017 NFL season, rookie running back Kareem Hunt rushed for 148 yards against a veteran Patriots defense. No one knew if Hunt was going to be a star or not, but team owners added him to their fantasy teams. For security, you could keep your regular running back in his position and put Hunt in the flex position. If he performs well, great! If not, you have your standard running back still earning points!

Evolving Game

As the game of football continues to evolve into a more pass-focused game, so too does fantasy football put more emphasis on the wide receiver and tight end positions. In the past, the flex was normally used for a running back, particularly those with pass catching abilities. Nowadays, flex positions are usually filled by wide receivers and tight ends. Although there are only a few elite tight ends in the NFL, many of them rack up touchdowns, and being able to have a second spot for a tight end who might not catch for yards but rather touchdowns is a new strategy.

Additionally, leagues that place a large emphasis on quarterback play will typically have at least a few teams use the flex spot as a second quarterback spot. However, some of these leagues will likely just have a second quarterback slot built in.

Positions Similar To The Flex Position

The Flex position in fantasy football is similar to the following positions:

  • Fantasy Football Wide Receivers
  • Fantasy Football Running Backs
  • Fantasy Football Tight Ends
  • Fantasy Football Quarterbacks


Which player should I start in my fantasy football flex position?

You want the flex position to be filled by a player that scores a lot of points, but isn't the best offensive player on your team. If you have an extra running back or wide receiver who has been performing well lately, start them at the flex position!

Does the flex player need to be a running back or wide receiver?

Which players are allowed to be started in the flex position varies from league to league. Some will only allow running backs or wide receivers, but some may allow tight ends or quarterbacks. Check your league rules before drafting that extra QB!

Do I have to start a player in the flex position?

If your league includes a flex player in your starting lineup each week, it's best to start a player there. Even if they only earn 1 point, that's better than 0.