Fantasy Football Exposure

Exposure is a strategy of using a particular player as much as possible to maximize possible profit. In simpler terms, it means picking a player in more than one of your lineups. It can also be referred to as "doubling up." The term is most often used in daily fantasy sports where it is possible to start several lineups at once.

Exposure is calculated as a percentage. If you were to submit two different lineups, but start Tom Brady in both of them, Tom Brady's exposure is 100 percent. If you picked Julio Jones in one and DeAndre Hopkins in the other, then each of their exposure is 50 percent.

High Exposure

High exposure is having most of your lineups very similar to each other with the same core group of players, just swapping out a couple.

Say you must start 10 players, and you want to place 3 different lineups into the competition. A high exposure play would be keeping say 8 of the players the same across all 3 lineups.

With high exposure lineups there is a higher ceiling in terms of how much money you could win. There is a higher upside to picking a high exposure lineup because each player's performance is weighted higher.

There are a total of 12 players included in the two different lineups. Eight of those twelve are worth 10% of the total and the other four are each 5%. Those percentages are significantly higher than if there were 20 different players on the two rosters.

Low Exposure

Alternatively, if you were to pick completely different lineups that would be called low exposure.

The advantage of a low exposure play is that it is a safer play. There is less of a chance you will lose a lot of money going with differing lineups. That is because you have more players, so one bad performance does not hurt you as much.