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Fantasy Football Draft Party And Events

What is draft party and events in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use draft party and events when playing FF.


Having a draft party? A draft party is a party where fantasy football players come together to celebrate the start of the fantasy season and draft their teams. There are many different ways to celebrate. We've got some great ideas for you!

The Standard Draft Party

Everyone loves the classic draft party: bring food and drinks, everyone hangs around and watches preseason games, then at the end of the night you have the draft. Nothing could go wrong with that!

Get Out of Town

Something interesting you could do would be to go on a fantasy 'vacation' like to Las Vegas or New York with all of the other owners. You could explore a new place and have a good time and have your draft sometime during it! It's a little bit more expensive but a great time for everyone!

The Online Draft Party

Not all draft parties have to be face-to-face. Using a service like Skype, all of the owners could communicate with one another without leaving their home! This is a good party idea as some owners may live very far away from each other and this way, they still can participate in what is (almost) a real draft party.

At the Party

So you decided on a draft party? You're going to need some things to do while your'e there! Having lots of food is always important, so maybe get a caterer. If you still need to determine the draft order, now would be a good time to do it! You could always let the computer decide the order, or you can pick numbers from out of a hat. I would recommend something that gives everyone a fair shot at the number one overall pick.

Typically drafts are done online, however in the past many parties included a white board where each player picked would be written down so everyone could see. Once again, with computers, this is now seen as irrelevant, however it can still be fun writing everything down.

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