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Fantasy Football Draft Only League

What is draft only league in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use draft only league when playing FF.

What is a Draft Only League in Fantasy Football?

A draft only league is a variant of fantasy football. Draft only leagues are also called draftmaster leagues, draft and hold leagues, or best ball leagues. Sometimes people will use the abbreviation D.O.L.

How Does it Work?

Fantasy football draft only leagues are perhaps more similar to a mock draft than a standard fantasy football league. Players draft like normal, but don't take any further action. After the draft, the league automatically will set the lineups for each team. There is no free agency, waivers, or trading. This means you are stuck with the players you draft, so draft wisely!

There are no matchups nor playoffs. Draft only leagues are a total points league. This means that whichever team scores the most points throughout the season is crowned the champion.


Because you can not make any transactions after the draft, you should be prepared to hang onto your draft choices all season. This means a player that is likely to be a bust could burn a hole on your bench throughout the season. With that said, you still shouldn't be afraid to draft boom or bust players. As long as you have enough reliable players to fill up your lineup spots, it's a good idea to go for some upside players.

Injury prone players are also a risky choice in these leagues, as an injured player will still take up a roster spot.

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