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Fantasy Football Draft Day/night

What is draft day/night in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use draft day/night when playing FF.

What is Draft Day/Night in Fantasy Football?

The date and time at which the league draft is scheduled to occur, possibly during the day or at night. Draft days and nights can be very casual or very exquisite parties, depending on the league, as well as online events.

Planning for a Draft Day or Night Party

Draft day can be stressful for many participants, but good planning and a few hours of preparation can help the day or night run smoothly. If you're not hosting your league's draft, all of your planning can focus on who you are going to draft to your team. Make sure to think ahead about who you want to draft, what draft picks you have, and how to respond to your competitors' draft picks. Bring a laptop, tablet, or papers that you can store your plans on and use during the day or night!

If you are hosting the draft, the amount of planning you do can increase by a lot. A simple and quick draft day or night requires less planning, just seating for the amount of people in your league, tables to be used, and possibly snacks and drinks to be consumed. A more extensive draft can have ornate decorations, football-themed snacks, and a giant draft board to boast each of the picks. Make sure to account for everyone who is going to be attending and ask guests to contribute to the day or night by bringing food or printing draft sheets for everyone.

Planning for a Virtual Draft

Some leagues, especially ones run through websites where you compete with anonymous strangers, do not have in-person parties, but run drafts at a certain time during the day. The preparation stays the same for participants; make sure to figure out the values of players, when to draft certain players, and how to respond to other participants' moves.

What Happens on Draft Day/Night?

Your league will set a time for the draft to begin and the picks will begin, with a specified amount of time for each pick to be made, in the predetermined draft order. Picks will be entered online through your hosting service, and you will have a fully-formed Fantasy Football team by the end of the night!

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