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Fantasy Football Draft Dasher

What is draft dasher in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use draft dasher when playing FF.

What is a Draft Dasher?

  • Why is it negative

What is draft dasher in fantasy football?

A draft dasher is someone who drafts a fantasy league team, but abandons them long before the season comes to an end.

Fantasy leagues expect their drafters to stick with their teams. Draft dashers put their teammates in compromising situations, and at a disadvantage. Leagues are dependent on participation, and if someone drops out unexpectedly other teams may win due to the shift in performance. Leagues have begun to put up penalties and limit in order to avoid dashers. The NFL doesn't allow participants to sign up for more than 15 leagues, to lower the chances of dashing.

Other leagues may take note of participants in the early stages of dashing, and after their second instance of not participating, the league commissioner will take over and do their best to avoid easy wins for other teams. The dasher could also be excluded from future league activities due to their behavior. Draft dashing is highly irresponsible, and is looked down upon in the fantasy world.

Reasons why someone might draft dash

  • Dashers might love the draft, but not care for the fantasy season
  • Dashers may join many leagues, but cannot keep up with all of them during the season
  • Dashers may join many leagues, but abandon the ones whose outcomes look poor due to injuries on their roster
  • Dashers may join a league with friends due to pressure, but will not actually want to run the team or may not have the time

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