Fantasy Football Dollars Per Point

fantasy football dollars per point

Fantasy Football Dollars Per Point

Dollars per point is how much it costs in salary for each fantasy point that a player scores. Dollars per point is typically found in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) formats. DFS is different from regular fantasy sports leagues because you can draft a new team every day and have a salary cap you must stay within.

A lower dollar per point ratio represents a better value for a player’s salary compared to their point production. For example, if a player costs you $100 out of your weekly budget and only gets 20 points, they cost $5 for every point they earn. However, if a player costs something much lower, like $50, and gets 25 points, they cost only $1.50 per point he scores, a much better value.

DFS Dollars Per Point Formula

Fantasy Football DFS Dollars Per Point Formula

To calculate dollars per point ($/point), divide a player’s yearly fantasy salary by their projected fantasy points. A lower $/point ratio represents a greater value in a player.

Fantasy Football Points Per Dollar

Fantasy points per dollar is the opposite of dollars per point, as it is the number of points a player earns per dollar spent on a player. To get the best value, you want more points for every dollar you spend. For example, a player scoring 15 points and costing $200 means they score 0.075 points per dollar spent. However, if a player that scores 15 points costs $100, then they score 0.15 points per dollar. In other words, when you spend more per point, the player is providing less value for the salary you paid them.

DFS Points Per Dollar Formula

Fantasy Football DFS Points Per Dollar Formula

As might be expected, the formula for calculating points per dollar (points/$) is the reverse of that for dollars per point. To calculate points per dollar, take the number of points an athlete is projected to earn and divide it by their cost. The result will very often be a number in the decimals. Multiply this number by 1,000 to get a player’s points/$1K ratio, which is a commonly cited statistic on DFS football sites.


What is the value of points when a player scores?

The value of points when a player scores depends on the type of score and the position of the player. Touchdown passes are worth four points for quarterbacks while rushing, receiving, and returning touchdowns are worth six points each for the player that brings the ball into the end zone. Two-point conversions earn two points each for the quarterback and the scoring back or receiver.

How do you calculate points per dollar in DFS fantasy football?

You calculate points per dollar in fantasy football by dividing a player's projected fantasy points by their yearly fantasy salary. This will result in a decimal figure. Multiply by 1,000 to get points/$1K, which is a figure commonly used on DFS football sites. The higher a player’s points/$ ratio is, the better value they represent in terms of salary cost versus fantasy points produced.