Fantasy Football Depth Chart

What is a Depth Chart in Fantasy Football?

A depth chart is a chart that lists the players at their particular positions on a roster and whether they are a starter, second-string, or third-string player. The starter is the player who first appears at the position in the beginning of the game. Second and third-string players are the backups that will usually find their way into the games at different times. Starters always spend the most time on the field and, at positions like quarterback, are the only player to play.

Why Does a Depth Chart Matter for Fantasy Football?

This is a more important component when analyzing a player for fantasy football. If a player does not start, his value suddenly drops. You must keep track of how much your fantasy football players actually play in the games they are in. And it is important to monitor the depth chart. For some teams and some players, depth charts fluctuate frequently and a player who is starting one week may be the backup in the next week. Monitor the player and his backups to the best of your ability in order to stay ahead of your friends in the league.