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Fantasy Football Damaged Goods

What is damaged goods in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use damaged goods when playing FF.

What is Damaged Goods in Fantasy Football?

In Fantasy Football, the term 'damaged goods' is used to refer to a player that is injured being traded to another team. A player that is damaged goods will typically be traded for less than he is usually worth, as they cannot perform at their highest level, or even at all, when they are injured.

Damaged Goods in Trades

If a fantasy team owner is keeping up with the NFL and his or her team's status, they will be very aware of all injuries to their players. If the owner is looking to make as many points as possible each week and sees that their player is now damaged goods, they will often attempt to trade him away for a quick replacement. Depending on how bad the injury is or whether or not they are even aware of it, other owners may or may not decide to accept a trade. No one wants to make a trade for a player and then realize he is damaged goods, so make sure to do your research before you commit to anything!

Sometimes, the league commissioner will have a say in whether or not a trade can be made, especially when involving damaged goods. If he or she believes a participant does not know the player is damaged goods, he or she will stop the trade from going through and inform the participant of the injury to see if they still want to go through with it.

Possible Benefit of Damaged Goods

Though it does not seem like it, some positives can come from damaged goods! If you see a usually great player has received a minor injury toward the beginning of the season and you trade for him, he may return to full health a few games into the season and bring a high amount of points to your team. Since you probably received him for less than he was worth, this could be a huge win for your team in the long run!

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