Fantasy Football Comeback Player

A comeback player is a player who comes back from injury or a poor performance and performs well. Oftentimes comeback players can be found in free agency or can be traded for easily. It is tough to project comeback players, as their struggles are what make them a comeback player. Any player who is having a tough season or is injured for a while is a candidate to become a comeback player.

Types of Comeback Players

Finding a comeback player takes a bit of luck. There are two types of comeback players: players who were injured and players who were struggling to get points.

Injured Players

Many players who are injured for part of the season bounce back upon becoming healthy. It is important to be aware of what injured players are expected to return to action soon. If a good player is going to return to the lineup in a week or two, consider adding them to your team.

If you do, you'll be able to decide if you want to hang on to the player or not once they come back.

Keep in mind that some players take a while to get back to normal after being injured. You also don't have to add a player before they become active again. You can always wait a couple weeks to see if the player is worth adding. If they come back from being injured and produce points in their first few weeks back, it's a good idea to add the player.

You can also trade for a player who is injured if the general manager who owns the player is getting impatient with the injury. Trading for a player right before they come back isn't the best idea, since their trade value is fairly high then. If you trade for them a few weeks before they are expected to come back, the trade value will be much lower and you can acquire them for a cheaper cost.

Struggling Players

Players who have struggled during the season have a very low value in fantasy football. This makes them easy to acquire, and there is always a chance they will become a comeback player.

General managers should always keep an eye on the free agents to see if there is a player who is starting to produce more than the others. Big name players who are struggling can often bounce back later in the season.

Struggling players are good options to trade for. Their trade value is likely low meaning you can easily acquire them, and the general manager who owns them probably wants to get rid of them. Just remember that there is a chance they won't bounce back and become a comeback player.