Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is an awesome way to get an edge in your fantasy football draft. It is a sheet of information that makes the selection process of the draft a whole lot easier!

Cheat sheets contain a lot of different information about the players available in the draft. It sometimes sorts the best available players, reminds the drafter of injuries, and provides stats from the previous years.


ADP stands for adjusted draft position. Many websites and fantasy football experts compile pre draft lists of their best players. It is a really good idea to find a few of these lists online that rank players for the draft. It gets you familiar with the players as well as the order in which you should draft them.

These lists can be useful when drafting to compare when the experts drafted players and when your league members did. That way you can draft a player that slipped down your draft despite being ranked high and stay away from players that are ranked low.

Previous Injuries

Previous injuries are important to note while drafting a team. The season only lasts 17 games so it is crucial to get as much production from your players as possible. Players with a history of being injured may not be a good choice for your fantasy team, and noting which players are can help you stay away from them.

Past Performance

A good indicator on how well a player will perform in the upcoming season is how they did in previous years. A player who is consistent and ranks highly in fantasy points per season is a good choice to draft, and someone you should note ahead of time.

Bye Weeks

One final piece of information that is helpful to have while drafting is the bye weeks of each player. The bye week is the week of the season that player takes off, so you do not want to have too many players with the same bye week!

How Having a Cheat Sheet Helps While Drafting

Organization is the biggest advantage of the cheat sheet. It is very common that while drafting, the owner in front of you takes the player you were planning on picking. When that happens it is easy to panic and pick someone you shouldn't because you were not prepared. If you have a cheat sheet you can organize players into a list of the best available, and by doing so eliminating the frustration and frantic thinking that can occur.