Fantasy Football Ceiling

When discussing players in fantasy football, ceiling is one of the terms you will hear very often. In short, a player's ceiling is the best that will perform. Conversely, there is also a term known as floor. Ceiling can refer either to a specific statistic of a player or his overall performance. For example, in a game in 2016, Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver Julio Jones had a game where he collected exactly 300 yards. Given that 300 yards for a receiver is such a high number, this performance can be considered Jones' ceiling. It is reasonable to expect that Jones will not surpass that total on a regular basis.

Knowing a player's ceiling can be important when evaluating how he's done during the season. If a player has a really good performance in one week, but it may be more of an outlier than his expected performance level, it is important to know that, so as not to expect a player to have similarly incredible games every time he plays. When a player is performing to his ceiling, it means you can't realistically expect him to be better. However, it also means he is playing at his best. And in a fantasy football league, you always want the best performers on your team.