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Fantasy Football Cash Game

What is cash game in fantasy football?

A cash game is a game in which there are good odds to win. There are two types of game formats: cash game and tournaments. But we'll be focusing solely on cash games. Cash games give participants a 50% chance of winning, which are particularly favorable odds for players that are new to fantasy football. Most entrants have a good chance at winning money, and you only need to be in the 50th percentile to win something. This differs from tournaments where usually only the top 10% are winners.

As a player, the strategy for a cash games varies from tournament strategy. Tournaments require you to make a season defining choice: either go with a big name player or the rookie from left field who may surprise you. This is not the case in a cash game because you can build a team of reliable players, who will get you ahead.There is less risk involved in a cash game because you need less points to be successful. Of course your team still must be balanced, so the risk remains in terms of building a team. But the stakes are not as high in comparison to a tournament.

Many players enjoy the low risk level, yes, but should you aim for higher rankings more risks comes along with that. It's up the the player but the concept is as follows: more risk equals more payout. Participants have the option to take the steady profit option, or make riskier, lucrative, decisions.