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Fantasy Football Bust

What is bust in fantasy football? Get ready to learn what it means to use bust when playing FF.

What is a Bust in Fantasy Football?

A bust is a player who does not live up to their expectations from the beginning of the fantasy season. The title of bust is usually only given to players drafted in the first few rounds, as a team's late picks are not supposed to produce as much anyway. Having your first round pick be a bust could ruin your entire fantasy season.

How to Avoid Busts

No owner can guarantee that they will not draft a bust, no matter how safe the player seems to be. Injuries can derail any athlete's season. That being said, the first step to ensure your team is not filled with busts is to not draft injury prone players. If a running back has missed half of each of the last three seasons, it may not be worth it to draft him early despite his possible upside.

Another important aspect to remember is draft players who will be guaranteed a lot of touches. Players are more likely to produce if they receive more touches. Do not draft many players who rely on hail mary touchdowns as their only statistic. Moreover if an NFL team just signed or drafted another player at a position in the offseason, it is likely that players could compete for touches. Drafting clear number one players on their depth charts will help to accumulate the most points.

If you want to play your draft even safer, do not draft rookies or players who have changed teams. Joining a completely new offense or going from college to the NFL can be a drastic difference, so for more consistent results trust the guys who have produced year in and year out in the same system.

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