Fantasy Football Building Your Team

There are a few steps involved in building a fantasy football team. Let's go through each step individually in the order that they would occur.

Joining a Fantasy Football League

Before you can build your fantasy football team, you must join a league. A league is a group of players who will be participating in fantasy football. They are called owners, coaches, or general managers. To join a league you have to decide on a fantasy football website, such as Yahoo!, ESPN, or FanDuel.

After joining a league, you'll be tasked with creating your team. This includes picking a team name and logo. Many players like to pick team names that have football puns in them based on the names of players, such as "Mayfield of Dreams."

The Draft

The main component of building a fantasy football team is the draft. During the draft, you and the other owners will be selecting the players who will join your team. The draft is usually around 15 rounds, so you should have 15 players on your team at the end of the draft.

There are multiple draft types, including auction, serpentine, and straight. The auction draft sees all of the owners bid for players with imaginary capital. The serpentine, or snake, draft type will flip the order in which an owner makes a selection each round. This means selecting first in the first round will result in selecting at the end of the second round, and then at the beginning of the third. The straight draft is very uncommon. It works the way the NFL entry draft works: the teams pick in the same order every round. This creates a huge disparity of fairness, as one team always picks first and one team always picks last.

Waiver Wire

The waiver wire is also essential to building a fantasy football team. The waiver wire is a pool of free agents, or players who were not selected in the draft, that are available to be added to your team. If you need extra depth at a particular position, you can use the waiver wire to add to your team to give you that extra edge you need!


If there is a weakness on your team that needs to be addressed, trading is one way to fix the problem. Trading involves swapping players on your team for players on another team. Both teams have to agree to the trade, so it should be fairly even. However, if you're making a trade, you should try to give your team a slight advantage.