Fantasy Football Breakout

What is a Breakout in Fantasy Football?

A player who performs exceptionally well seemingly out of nowhere after being projected to be average.

Patrick Mahomes fit that description this past year, finishing the season as far and away the best fantasy quarterback.

Acquiring a Breakout Player in Fantasy Football

A breakout player is usually drafted in the later rounds or even acquired afterwards, off the waiver wire. For the most part these are players not especially sought out and fly under the radar.

There are occasions though where it can be predicted that a player is about to break out. We'll talk about that a little more in the section below.

How to Predict a Breakout in Fantasy Football

A lot of time is spent in fantasy football trying to guess which players will be the next big thing. Those are the players that give a team the most value because they are much more productive than other players taken at the same spot.

Strong Finish

An indicator that a player is ready to become a breakout player is how they ended the season before. Sometimes a player will finish the previous year with several strong games. It is possible that the player will continue their success into the current year, making them an intriguing prospect to break out.


Another way to predict a breakout is if a player is getting an opportunity they previously did not have. For many players it takes getting a real chance to become a fantasy stud. For example, a talented young running back might have the ability to perform but is stuck as a second string in the depth chart. They back up the super star running back and never get a chance to show their skill. Say that star goes to a new team, now the young running back has a chance to play every day and instantly becomes a candidate to break out.