Fantasy Football Bench And Depth

After the fantasy football draft, you will have a roster of players on your team. In most leagues, only a certain amount of players at each position can 'start,' or earn fantasy points towards your team total. These players are considered 'starters', since they are in your starting lineup. The players who you do not start will be placed on the bench. Players on the bench, known as 'bench players,' will also earn fantasy points for their performance in games but those points will not be added to your team total for head to head matchups.

In some leagues, bench points are used as a tie-breaker should the two teams score the same amount of points. However, that occurrence is extremely unlikely and not something to worry about.

For example, if your starting quarterback is Aaron Rodgers and he earns twenty-five (25) fantasy points, your team total of fantasy points will be twenty-five (25). Your backup quarterback is Alex Smith and he is on the bench this week. However, he earns twenty-seven (27) fantasy points. Your team total of fantasy points will still be twenty-five (25) as Smith's points do not count since he is on the bench. If your bench players are out scoring your starting lineup players, you are starting the wrong players!

Adding Depth to the Bench

Even though they may not play often, you want your bench players to be just as skilled as your starters in case they become injured, face a tough opponent, or are on a bye week.

There are many ways to acquire depth on your roster. It all starts in the draft. After you fill in all your starter spots, there are still some rounds in the draft to grab bench players. These rounds are just as important as the others because most of the bench players you pick will end up in your starting lineup at some point.

You should check the waiver wire (a pool of players who are not on a team) often to see what players you could add to your team to make it better. If there are players available who are better than the ones on your team, you should pick them up.

If you still need more depth on your team, you can always execute a small trade to round off your roster.