Fantasy Football Automated Draft

Automated Draft

An automated draft occurs when team owners rank players on their draft board prior to making selections. Those players are then drafted based on their ranking and availability by an automated draft software. Typically, this type of draft takes place when the team owner cannot meet the pre-approved draft time or can only make certain selections due to other obligations. Players that take part in this drafting style are more likely to be a Draft Dasher, or someone who abandons their team mid-season, because of the lack of connection faced from not selecting one's own players.

Draft Strategy

Draft strategy is a very difficult subject to cover because every team owner has their own strategy they like to use. Some prefer taking a quarterback in the highest spot possible while others prefer elite wide receivers. That doesn't necessarily make them wrong, but any given players season is unpredictable, which is the fun of fantasy football of course!

Above we've highlighted some strategies that you could use on you fantasy football journey. The best advice that can be given is to use these strategies and learn from them to create your own strategy. You may enjoy the idea of using the tier strategy but don't like the missing draft aspect of it. Add on to your favorite strategies to create your own unique one. This way, no other team owner can use your strategy and you may even be able to predict which strategy they are using if you've seen it before!


Lastly, before the draft begins, learn what type of draft will be used. Whether it's a snake draft or an auction draft, you must be able to build a strategy. That may be difficult to do when you're expecting to bid on players, then out of nowhere you must create a ranking so that the computer can draft for you.