Fantasy Football Auction Draft

There are multiple styles of drafts that leagues use. In this tutorial, you'll learn about the auction draft and how it works.

The 'auction draft' is a draft type where owners nominate players to bid on to add to their team.

The auction draft is one of the most common draft types in fantasy football, but it is most common in daily fantasy sports games.

The way it works is each team in the league gets a set amount of capital, or money to spend. At the start of the draft, each team nominates a player to begin bidding on. The team with the highest bid wins the player and adds them to their team.

The auction draft is one of the longest drafts and requires every team owner to be present for it to work as quickly as possible. Auction drafts can also be done online, though this format of drafting is not as common for the auction style.

Auction Draft Strategy

The strategy in the auction draft is really simple: don't spend all of your money on one player! You need a team to compete for a league championship, so how are you going to do that with only one star player? The truth is you're not! Use your capital wisely and build depth at every position, even if some players aren't that great.

Auction Draft: In-Draft

Auction drafts function slightly differently from typical drafts, where every team has a predetermined amount of time to select a player in a given round (typically 30 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds). In auction drafts, a team will have 30 seconds to a minute to select a player from the draft pool that they would like to put up for auction. It is then that all the teams in the league will begin bidding on the player selected. Bidding on a specific player will end once it appears teams have stopped attempting to win the bid, or after a certain amount of time following the most recent bid.

Teams can bid as much as they please on a certain player. However, there is a rule that the team must leave at least $1 for the amount of remaining roster spots they have. This means if they have $200 in the budget, and 15 open roster spots, they could not put more than $185 on a player. Every bid won will, of course, be subtracted from the amount a team has in its budget.

Once teams begin to fill up their roster with the max amount of players, the only teams allowed to bid are the ones with open spots. This does mean it is possible to end an auction with money unspent in the budget.