Fantasy Football 50/50 League

What is a 50/50 League in Fantasy Football?

A 50/50 league is a type of league where all of the top 50% of players are paid the same payout. This means it doesn't matter if you get first place, or just barely make the top half of the standings. As long as you are an above average team in the standings, you are considered a winner.

The strategy for a 50/50 league is different from normal leagues. You are only required to beat half of the opponents, so it is not necessary to take big risks. Rather, it is best to choose players who are consistent point producers. These players may not be likely to get a crazy amount of points, but they are reliable enough to get you in the top half of teams. This means you should stray away from boom or bust players.

Daily Fantasy Leagues

Most 50/50 leagues are daily fantasy leagues. In 50/50 leagues, the league size varies greatly. There could be 10 members or 200 members. Either way, you have to land in the top half of the pool, so the strategy should remain the same.

Daily fantasy leagues require members to draft players each day, which brings on a very different type of strategy. In daily fantasy leagues, matchups are extremely important. A players draft stock is influenced a lot by the type of defense they are going up against. Take note of which defenses are likely to get scored on a lot, a player going up against these defenses are a smart draft choice. One statistic that helps with identifying this is opponent rank.