Fantasy Football 16 Team Leagues

Sixteen team leagues in fantasy football are unique, the level of competition is high and talent is spread thinly across rosters, making it more difficult to acquire a team full of superstars. Now if that's something that appeals to you, then either make or join one of those leagues! This piece will offer information on how to do both.

Creating the League

The first step in creating a 16 team fantasy football league is making sure you have a market for the league. Do you have a lot of friends that want to play or are you relying on random players to join you? Make sure you have the capability of sustaining a league as well, especially if you're playing with people you don't know. The last thing anyone wants is a league commissioner who is not active.

After you've adjusted some of your league settings, find a tab that says something along the lines of 'maximum number of teams' or 'player limit'. This setting will let you adjust how many team owners will be able to play in your league. Be sure to change that to 16!

Your Job as Commissioner

As commissioner, it's important to sustain the league using bylaws and being active in the league. A commissioner who is not active in the league loses the respect of the owners, causing others to leave the league and quit playing.

Your responsibility before the season is to adjust all of the league settings and rules before the season begins. That includes setting up divisions, in a league with 16 teams it is a good idea to have four divisions to keep the playoff race interesting. Speaking of playoffs, in most cases 6 teams will make the playoffs in a 16 team league.

Once everything is all set, open up the league and let the madness begin!

Playing in a 16 team league as a member

As a member of a 16 team league, you have to be pretty invested in the sport. Your team is going to have some players that the common fan has never heard of. It greatly benefits you to know the second and third stringers on teams because they're going to have to be on rosters.


The most important strategy for playing in a 16 team league is committing time to checking the waiver wire and adding players you need. In a deep league (12 or more teams) it is so important to give yourself any advantage you can, and if you can pick up a promising player before anyone else can you put yourself in a good spot to be successful.

Also, adding 'handcuffs' is a good idea. What that means is selecting the backup to a superstar in case they get hurt. Even if they do not get hurt, the owner of the player may want to trade for your handcuff to play it safe, giving you a chance to get something in return.