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Fantasy Football

How do you play fantasy football? What are the rules of fantasy? Get ready to learn the basics about FF and how to win fantasy football leagues.


What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is a fun way to get involved and follow professional football. You join a league and then draft a team of players. Once your team is drafted you put together a starting lineup and compete in weekly head to head matchups against owners in the same league. Points are based on how well your drafted players perform in real life. After each week a win, loss, or tie is added to a team's record. The teams with the best win-loss record in the regular season make the playoffs. A playoff bracket is played out with the winner being the champion!

The starting point for a fantasy league is choosing the settings. Leagues can be configured to allow teams to keep a couple players from previous years as well as editing the order of the draft. After that is complete, it is time to draft!

Draft Day

In what is known as draft day, owners get together taking turns drafting their teams.

First Overall Pick

The first overall pick of the draft is highly coveted and gives the owner that gets it an advantage. They have the opportunity to take any NFL player in the entire league.

Draft Lobby

Drafts can be held online, in which case owners are placed in a virtual draft lobby. They can type messages to one another to communicate.

Once the draft is complete, the league is all set up to begin the season!

Scoring Types

Fantasy football leagues aren't all the same. Scoring settings can be changed to create a completely different experience from another league.


Standard scoring is the most basic form of scoring. It is universal across all fantasy platforms and has set points for each football action.


PPR is the same as standard scoring other than the addition of points per every reception. The points can either be a full point or a half point.


IDP stands for individual defensive player and adds defensive players into the scoring mix. Standard scoring only involves offensive players, so this is a fun twist on the normal game.

Variations of Fantasy Football

There are a couple ways to play fantasy football that differ from the standard format. Below we'll briefly go over them, you can get more information by reading their full articles on the site!

Daily Fantasy

Daily fantasy gives the option to pick a new team daily. However football games are not played every day so daily fantasy is basically weekly fantasy. Every week you can pick a new lineup and potentially win money from it. You do not compete in a head to head format, you win by finishing in the top percentage of players.

Survivor Leagues

Survivor leagues last a couple weeks and they are similar to daily fantasy. Every week you can select a new team, hoping to finish near the top of the participants in order to advance to the next round. The final week is the money round and all contestants who make it that far receive a cash payout.

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