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Football Uniforms

What is football uniforms? Get ready to learn about uniforms in football.


The jersey and pants are designed to distinguish between the two teams on the field. Jerseys and pants are often nylon and designed to be as lightweight as possible. Socks and cleats also make up the uniform of a player. While the socks are the same color for all players on the same team, the cleats may be different colors.

What are Football Uniforms?

Football uniforms are a collection of matching pieces of apparel that teams wear to distinguish themselves from their opponent. In football, a uniform consists of a helmet, jersey, shoulder pads, knee pads, thigh pads, socks, cleats, and pants. All players on a team are required to wear the exact same jersey, pants, and helmet when playing to make sure no one is confused on what team a certain player is playing for. The other parts of the uniform don't need to match the rest of the team, because one can easily wear a different brand or color without confusing others on what team that player is playing for. In addition to the identification factor with a uniform, they also give teams a sense of equality. Every player wearing the same uniform allows every player to feel like they are truly a part of the team, from the star player to the last bench warmer.

The Jersey

The part of the uniform that best helps to identify single players on a team is the jersey. The jersey has a number on the front and back to help distinguish players from each other. This is useful for stat-keeping purposes as well as just knowing where players are on the field. Position groups also have a typical range of jersey numbers, so that it's easier to help identify players and figure out what position they play. For example, quarterbacks typically wear jersey numbers between 1-19.

Types of Jerseys

Teams typically have at least three different jerseys: a home jersey, an away jersey, and an alternate jersey. Some sport organizations who are older may have throwback jerseys that they wear on occasion.

Replica Apparel

Fans who are looking to represent their team by wearing supportive apparel can look to buy replica apparel. Replica jerseys are available online or at different sporting goods stores. You can also buy other replica apparel that isn't a jersey, such as helmets, pants, etc. A popular area to buy replica apparel is a team store located at the stadium of a sport organization. Fans are also able to purchase a variety of different jerseys that the team wears on different occasions.

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