Football Training Equipment

football training equipment

What is Football Training Equipment?

There is plenty of different football training equipment out there for people looking to improve at American football. However, understanding what they are, how they work, and what they improve is vital to getting the best out of them.

These are some of the equipment items in this section:

  • Saucer Cones
  • Safety Cones
  • Agility Quick Ladder
  • Speed Chute
  • Football Dummy
  • Kicking Net
  • Kicking Tees

Cones are used for agility and speed drills. These drills are done to increase quickness and help to make the player more balanced and mobile. There are many different types of drills you can do with cones such as the three cone drill used to test how well the player can change direction on a dime. There are two types of cones, saucer cones which are shorter and safety cones which are taller.

An agility quick ladder is a popular choice for players. This ladder works on increasing speed and coordination. The ladder is used in just about every sport, but especially in football.

The speed chute works as a parachute while the player runs, making it tougher to move. Drills with this equipment work on strength, particularly on the legs. Football equipment that works on the upper body strength is the football dummy. The football dummy is used to simulate tackling opponents.

For kickers, there are kicking nets and kicking tees. With these, you can simulate a game time kick without having to actually use a field goal post. Kickers in the NFL keep this equipment on the sidelines during games so they can warm up before attempting a field goal or an extra point.

All of these items can purchase at stores such as Dick's or other sports stores, or you can go online and find all of these products on sites such as Amazon.

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